Cyber Security Press Release

  • Posted on 30/07/2021

In a world ruled by machines,

cybersecurity has never been more important


Cyber Crime surrounds everything we do, it pervades every part of our lives and is a threat that continues to escalate.

Cyber Crime destroys economies and businesses and threatens the very fabric of our every day lives.

Banntech, a Scottish IT solutions company, has announced their partnership with Global Corporate experts in cyber security to fight against the Cyber threat.


Banntech have partnered with ColorTokens, a leading innovator in SaaS-based Zero Trust cyber security products, Wipro, a global technology company leaders in cyber security, Click 26,experts in delivering secure and sustainable IT models and Zimperium, the world leading mobile security company, in order to deliver ‘end to end’ cyber security solutions across all cloud-based systems and mobile applications to all business types and sectors.


Our data, our people, our integrity and our business continuity are all at risk! Cyber-crime rose exponentially during the pandemic with 48% of UK organisations being hit by ransomware in the last year and of those organisations 13% paid the ransom. It is believed that in the UK alone the cost of cyber-crime across both public and private sectors is upwards of £27 billion annually.
There are a range of techniques that cyber criminals use to attack businesses globally from phishing emails to targeted attacks. Ransomware gangs are always thinking creatively about how to have the most impact possible and command the biggest ransom possible.


The two big things that are keeping cyber-security professionals up late at night are ransomware attacks and supply chain attacks.  An incident on a USA  software supplier, Kaseya,  combines both nightmares into one and demonstrates the global impact of an attack on an American company that also affected and shut down supermarkets in Sweden. 


Ransomware is the scourge of the internet. Multiple organised criminal gangs are constantly attempting to gain access to computer networks to hold them hostage. The rate of attack
is relentless, but it can take a lot of time and effort on the criminals’ part to successfully hijack one victim's computer system.

In this latest incident hackers showed that by going after a software supplier of multiple organisations they can pop dozens, perhaps hundreds of victims in one go. There have been horrendous supply chain attacks in the past but this one has the potential to be the biggest incident involving ransomware yet.



One UK SMB gets hacked every 19 seconds

equating to 1.6 million SMB’s per year.


Businesses can no longer hide from the threat of cyber criminals or rely on a firewall to protect their IT sources. With the increased ‘working from home’ movement over the last 18 months and with this culture being here to stay, businesses require strong and defensive cyber security across all networks. According to a Check Point Software & Dimensional Research survey, 71% of IT and security professionals globally reported an increase in security threats since the beginning of the pandemic. Over half (55%) cited phishing attempts as the leading threat, followed by malicious websites claiming to offer information or advice about COVID-19 (32%) and increases in malware and ransomware (28% and 19% respectively) 


Banntech ColorTokens Cyber Security Summit 


Leading Cyber Security experts came together on the 25th of June 2021 at the inaugural Banntech ColorTokens Cyber Security Summit, hosted at St Andrews Golf Club and online, to discuss the threat and offer the solutions to business and sectors of all sizes.

The Summit announced that Banntech, partnered with ColorTokens, Wipro, Click 26 and Zimperium offer all business sectors ‘end to end’ solutions with Cyber Security at the core encompassing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Web and Ecommerce.

Throughout the afternoon guests welcomed talks from the leading cyber security experts covering all security aspects from cloud-based platforms to mobile applications demonstrating strategies, technologies and products that fit all business models, while having the opportunity to forge new working relationships across a hybrid of business sectors.

For further information about how Banntech and partners can help secure your business today visit or email