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This statement only applies to Banntech Ltd’s web site. You are also encouraged to read the privacy statement that relates to any data you might share with Banntech Ltd via the website and how Banntech Ltd will use that data.

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Banntech Ltd - Privacy Policy

Banntech Ltd is a registered data user under the Data Protection Act. This privacy policy is in relation to Banntech Ltd’s website and email communications that collect any form of personal data about you. Personal data received by Banntech Ltd will only be processed by Banntech Ltd staff.

How Banntech Ltd may collect personal data from you;

If you complete a Banntech Ltd form – for example on the website.

If you contact Banntech Ltd via email or telephone we may store this information for future contact, unless you state otherwise

Details of your visits to the website including but not limited to, traffic data, location data, weblogs, click through data, social media engagement and other communication data

Where will Banntech Ltd store your personal data;

Banntech Ltd will store personal data within a secure data base and within the background workings of the website until no longer required or a request to remove has been made.

Banntech Ltd use Mail Chimp where data is also stored but an un-subscribe option is available for mail items from this source

Why Banntech Ltd needs to hold some personal data on you;

To ensure that the content listing on our site are as up to date as possible

To ensure that Banntech Ltd can provide you with a range of information from new products or suppliers, processes within the membership, good news stories or in fact giveaway events

At times Banntech Ltd may send information to you on behalf of some of our partners but your information will not be disclosed to them.

Banntech Ltd will not disclose Personal Data to any third party unlawfully.

Where and when appropriate, Banntech Ltd will share information in line with the Information Commissioner’s Data Sharing Code of Practice and establish Data Sharing Agreements with third parties, outlining the terms under which information will be shared.

Can your personal date be erased from Banntech Ltd’s records;

Yes at any time a request to have personal data removed from the Banntech Ltd website, social media sources, internal data base, financial data base can be made

This can be made in writing, email or through a telephone request

If you receive communication through an e-shot or newsletter from Banntech Ltd and no longer wish to, there is an ‘opt out’ function within the communication

Disclosure of personal data;

If Banntech Ltd were to be duty bound to disclose or share personal data in order to comply with an legal obligation

If Banntech Ltd were to find that terms and conditions had to be forced in order to ensure that you comply

In order for Banntech Ltd to protect the property, rights, safety of employees, customers or suppliers. This can include sharing information with other companies and organisations for purposes but not limited to, fraud protection or credit risk reduction.

How will Banntech Ltd notify you of a change to the policy;

An e-shot of the change or changes will be sent to you

A link to the updated privacy policy will be available