Software development

We develop projects in accessible technologies

In today’s complex landscape all technology is built and deployed into diverse environments – being agile and able to adapt to your changing technical needs is vital. Our promise is to provide technology that will save your organisation money and help you grow. 

Banntech have developed and delivered hundreds of solutions.  Working in partnership with our clients, we analyse and define the project needs, develop, and implement the solution, monitor, and maintain and prepare for further future development and enhancements.



Project: Thanks A Brunch - Online Food Ordering Platform

Thanks a Brunch were looking for a custom built e-commerce food ordering platform. The front end shows a professionally designed website allowing users to order food for collection or delivery. The back end system also allows users to track orders, assign drivers and update their menu, adding allergens and setting items as not available. We have also created a drivers portal, allowing drivers to complete orders once delivered.  


Project: Barrie Bookkeeping

Barrie Bookkeeping & Payroll Solutions Ltd based in Glenrothes are an accountancy solutions firm specialising in managing the direct payments for local authority organisations within the uk. The system was to integrate or replace previously used systems in order to create a "one stop shop" platform for all within Barrie Bookkeeping. Banntech have created a CRM platform that allows the manager of Local Authorities, Employers and Employees


Project: Peggi - Simple and safe connections

Peggi is an easy to use app that allows a small network of people to communicate, create, exchange and preserve memories as a way to reduce isolation, improve wellbeing and strengthen relationships. peggi is safe to use socially or as part of reminiscence therapy and memory stimulation.

Website / CRM Management

Project: Create Converge

Create Converge is a Interreg North Sea Region initiative, focused on increasing the commercial success of digital companies. Banntech were commissioned to develop and implement a new technical platform. Banntech delivered a system that facilitates the Communication, Networking and Collaboration of people and organisations within the digital market space.


Project: Equis Ice-Cream

Peter Equi & Sons Ltd is a manufacturer and reseller of ice cream.  It is critical to the operation of the business to provide a tightly integrated, highly functional and future proofed management system to enable expansion to be handled effectively by the business. This project replaces the complex series of spreadsheets currently used with a system that allows the company to manage Customers, SOP, Inventory & Procurement, Production Planning, Scheduling and Reporting.